Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Smith Research Vinyl and CD-R releases, 2011-2015

SRV 20 - NIGEL JOSEPH - 1/2/3 CD-R. While playing guitar for the Ceramic Hobs on-and-off since the late 1990s Nigel Joseph has maintained a parallel career as a unique and self-taught noisemaker, with his most recent album on Must Die Records 'Radioactive Snuff' garnering praise from many high-profile quarters. During the 1990s his output included cassettes for labels of the era such as Scum, Fiend, BWCD and FLASA as well as a semi-legendary and bizarrely packaged 50-tape box set, released during his time living in rural Ireland. The three tracks on this extended EP are from the obscure "All I Have Done Will Be As Nothing" self-released CD-R from 1998. Nigel Joseph considers these tracks 'the best of the best'. The three pieces are crude and brutal analogue noise created from domestic and household sound sources, processed via long-forgotten cassette deck alchemy. Sonically this is comparable to The Grey Wolves and it also prefigures the HNW sound by many years. Limited to 30 copies only, 2013. "special thanks to simon morris" - nj - SOLD OUT.

SRV 21 - THE CERAMIC HOBS/DISCO MENTAL - split 7" -  first 100 copies only 2015 available and given away free via personal contact with band members feature unique Dr Steg art pieces with each copy, second standard edition of 150 available in 2016. Two Ceramic Hobs songs inspired by death and grief and altered alertness states. Disco Mental was the project of John Everall (RIP 2014) and SM, here covering a famous disco song.

SRV 22 - LUCIE PEPPERMINT - A Very Flammable Future CD-R - absurdly ultralimited edition of ten copies only in handmade collage and flame-charred inlay DVD case package of collaborative mini-album between Stormy Weathers and Simon Morris - intensely violent and downbeat electronics and beats, misanthropic words, sung and shouted, instant release and deletion September 2015.