Thursday, 11 December 2008

Smith Research Vinyl, CD and CD-R RELEASES 2006-2010

SRV 13 "FOR HARLOWS'S MONKEYS" - II - 3" CD-R, co-release with Smokers Gifts, 50 numbered copies 2006 - SOLD OUT. The first Smith Research release not to carry a catalogue number, the second and probably weakest of a trilogy of experimental releases by an ensemble who record in the dead of night in remote woodland.
SRV 14 FES PARKER - Side Room - CD, co-release with Pressupable Recordings 2008AD Out Of Mental Guru , 500 copies - SOME STILL AVAILABLE, try No mention of Smith Research on the packaging anywhere but we were Fes's 'silent partner' for this best of release which he put together before his untimely 2009 death. A magnificent compilation of amazing songs, the sleevenote by John Robb raging against fakes in music says it all.
SRV 15 - INTRAVENOUS IN FURS - Heavy Leather - CD-R EP, 2007, 20 unnumbered copies, co-release with Gator Bait 10 - SOLD OUT. IIF was a band I joined initially as a guest artist during the improv section of their live shows, these two long experimental recordings were done in a tiny Blackpool studio in a very memorable afternoon session in October 2007.
SRV 16 INTRAVENOUS IN FURS/APE SHIT - split 12" vinyl LP, 100 numbered copies, 2008, co-release with 'Ben Wats0n Records' - SOLD OUT. Ape Shit was the band formed around Mad Pride maverick Jim MacDougall, the track selection and sleevenote were by the famous mad Zappaologist Ben Watson. The Intravenous side reprises a track from the preceding EP and adds uncompromising new material. A bizarre record.
SRV 17 RISIBLE - Firmly Committed To Social Inclusion - CD-R, 2009, 33 unnumbered copies - SOLD OUT. This electronics and voice collaboration between myself and The Haddenham One received extremely mixed reviews, including one of the most vitriolic things I've ever seen from Idwal Fisher.
SRV 18 THE CERAMIC HOBS - Summer Hob Days 2 - CD-R, 2010, 25 unnumbered copies - SOLD OUT. Twenty-five years after the first recordings the original Phase One line-up reconvened to reinterpret them in an act of truly grandiose perversity.
SRV 19 THE CERAMIC HOBS - Best of The Ceramic Hobs 1986-89, 2010 edition of 50 - SOLD OUT. With stunning artwork hand-numbered and signed by Dr Adolf Steg - specialist paper used to create individual silk-screened psychedelic lithographs. Material is taken from remasters of original 1980s cassettes on Smith Research, ABCD and Pumf with the classic Phase Two line-up (me, Steve L, Syd Green, Andy P, Phil Crozier, Alan Pill etc) - compilation originally released by Fiend Recordings of Sowerby Bridge in 2000, long-deleted.