Thursday, 11 December 2008

Smith Research Vinyl, lathe-cut, CD and CD-R releases, 1998- 2006

SRV 7 MICHAEL A CLARK - 138 Years And Counting - CD-R, 23 numbered copies, 1998 - this was a digital mastering of a spoken word cassette produced in 1982 by the 'Christian Israel Foundation' of Walsall. The recording was sent to me by the OKOK Society, I found the delivery and content perversely fascinating and back in the days when CD-R was a novelty decided to release it.
SRV 8 CERAMIC HOBBS - Shaolin Master - 7" vinyl single, 20 numbered copies only in different sleeve from main run, co-release with Idwal Fisher and Harbinger Sound, 2002. The B-sides are on "20 Golden Deathtrips" and were the only material issued by Phase Six of the Hobs. A-side is a different version of the Straight Outta Rampton track.
SRV 9 GREASY WALTER AND THE RAZORS - Klarion Kall To 50 Potential - 7" lathe-cut polycarbonate disc, 50 numbered copies, co-release with Mental Guru, 1999. The Hobs under a pseudonym, features first ever live rendition of 'Raven' as the only track not reissued. The band name was stolen from a legendary Poulton punk band who reformed as Walter and the Knobheads in response to us stealing their name.
SRV 10 THE AMBULANCE CHASERS - Dedicated To Gripper Stebson - 12" LP lathe-cut polycarbonate disc, 20 numbered copies, co-release with Mental Guru, 1999. A full-on noise album with one side power electronics and one side improv skree from this Hobs offshoot. The actor who played Gripper Stebson got in touch to ask for a copy!
SRV 11 THE CERAMIC HOBS - *MAY BE TRIGGERING* - CD-R, 50 unnumbered copies, 2005. A compilation of 1987-1989 material which was later reissued on cassette in a much nicer package by Monopolka.
SRV 12 THE CERAMIC HOBS - Summer Hob Days - CD-R, 15 numbered copies, 2006 - partial reissue of SRC 1 - later reissued in incredible 3D sticker different packaging by the Monopolka label of St Petersburg.