Thursday, 11 December 2008

Smith Research Vinyl, lathe-cut, CD and CD-R releases, 1996-1998

SRV 1 IRON LION ZION - Beat I Woman Fe Respeck - 7" lathe-cut polycarbonate record, co-release with Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, 1996 - 15 issued by them, just 5 numbered copies only for the Smith Research edition in folder package featuring material about Karen Morgan with magazine 'Turnip Flag 11'. Iron Lion Zion was initially a side project but this single was by the Ceramic Hobs in disguise. Both tracks are available on Pumf's 'Ultramont!' CD-R.
SRV 2 CERAMIC HOBS - 72 Hour Drink Binge - Alcopop Madness - 7" vinyl, co-release with Pumf, 1997 - 200 numbered copies. We spent a lot of time making this an interesting package and it got us attention from Mark Paytress at Record Collector who made it their single of the month. All tracks are on '20 Golden Deathtrips' (Pumf).
SRV 3 SMELL & QUIM/CERAMIC HOBS - split 8" lathe-cut polycarbonate record, co-release with Stinky Horse Fuck, 1998, 50 unnumbered copies. This sold out very quickly indeed. Tracks were re-released in slightly different forms on later S&Q and Hobs releases. The Hobs side marked the first appearance of our current lead guitarist Nigel Joseph.
SRV 4 YESMEANSNO - Live At The Tavistock Institute - 12" lathe-cut polycarbonate LP, 20 numbered copies, 1998, with satellite-trackable packaging. This was an absurdist side-project for the Ceramic Hobs, with fragments of joke songs and noise, packaged in stunning full colour handmade sleeve with inserts.
SRV 5 CERAMIC HOBS - Psychiatric Underground - CD, 100 copies in different packaging to main run, 1998, co-release with Landlord and Pumf - This was the first real Ceramic Hobs album, it finally sold out its pressing of 500 ten years later!
SRV 6 WAGSTAFF - WCD - CD-R, 23 numbered copies with used lottery tickets, 1998. Peculiar packaging on this selection of some of Joincey's best moments from his tape releases of the 90s.