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Smith Research Vinyl, CD and CD-R RELEASES 2006-2010

SRV 13 "FOR HARLOWS'S MONKEYS" - II - 3" CD-R, co-release with Smokers Gifts, 50 numbered copies 2006 - SOLD OUT. The first Smith Research release not to carry a catalogue number, the second and probably weakest of a trilogy of experimental releases by an ensemble who record in the dead of night in remote woodland.
SRV 14 FES PARKER - Side Room - CD, co-release with Pressupable Recordings 2008AD Out Of Mental Guru , 500 copies - SOME STILL AVAILABLE, try No mention of Smith Research on the packaging anywhere but we were Fes's 'silent partner' for this best of release which he put together before his untimely 2009 death. A magnificent compilation of amazing songs, the sleevenote by John Robb raging against fakes in music says it all.
SRV 15 - INTRAVENOUS IN FURS - Heavy Leather - CD-R EP, 2007, 20 unnumbered copies, co-release with Gator Bait 10 - SOLD OUT. IIF was a band I joined initially as a guest artist during the improv section of their live shows, these two long experimental recordings were done in a tiny Blackpool studio in a very memorable afternoon session in October 2007.
SRV 16 INTRAVENOUS IN FURS/APE SHIT - split 12" vinyl LP, 100 numbered copies, 2008, co-release with 'Ben Wats0n Records' - SOLD OUT. Ape Shit was the band formed around Mad Pride maverick Jim MacDougall, the track selection and sleevenote were by the famous mad Zappaologist Ben Watson. The Intravenous side reprises a track from the preceding EP and adds uncompromising new material. A bizarre record.
SRV 17 RISIBLE - Firmly Committed To Social Inclusion - CD-R, 2009, 33 unnumbered copies - SOLD OUT. This electronics and voice collaboration between myself and The Haddenham One received extremely mixed reviews, including one of the most vitriolic things I've ever seen from Idwal Fisher.
SRV 18 THE CERAMIC HOBS - Summer Hob Days 2 - CD-R, 2010, 25 unnumbered copies - SOLD OUT. Twenty-five years after the first recordings the original Phase One line-up reconvened to reinterpret them in an act of truly grandiose perversity.
SRV 19 THE CERAMIC HOBS - Best of The Ceramic Hobs 1986-89, 2010 edition of 50 - SOLD OUT. With stunning artwork hand-numbered and signed by Dr Adolf Steg - specialist paper used to create individual silk-screened psychedelic lithographs. Material is taken from remasters of original 1980s cassettes on Smith Research, ABCD and Pumf with the classic Phase Two line-up (me, Steve L, Syd Green, Andy P, Phil Crozier, Alan Pill etc) - compilation originally released by Fiend Recordings of Sowerby Bridge in 2000, long-deleted.

Smith Research Vinyl, lathe-cut, CD and CD-R releases, 1998- 2006

SRV 7 MICHAEL A CLARK - 138 Years And Counting - CD-R, 23 numbered copies, 1998 - this was a digital mastering of a spoken word cassette produced in 1982 by the 'Christian Israel Foundation' of Walsall. The recording was sent to me by the OKOK Society, I found the delivery and content perversely fascinating and back in the days when CD-R was a novelty decided to release it.
SRV 8 CERAMIC HOBBS - Shaolin Master - 7" vinyl single, 20 numbered copies only in different sleeve from main run, co-release with Idwal Fisher and Harbinger Sound, 2002. The B-sides are on "20 Golden Deathtrips" and were the only material issued by Phase Six of the Hobs. A-side is a different version of the Straight Outta Rampton track.
SRV 9 GREASY WALTER AND THE RAZORS - Klarion Kall To 50 Potential - 7" lathe-cut polycarbonate disc, 50 numbered copies, co-release with Mental Guru, 1999. The Hobs under a pseudonym, features first ever live rendition of 'Raven' as the only track not reissued. The band name was stolen from a legendary Poulton punk band who reformed as Walter and the Knobheads in response to us stealing their name.
SRV 10 THE AMBULANCE CHASERS - Dedicated To Gripper Stebson - 12" LP lathe-cut polycarbonate disc, 20 numbered copies, co-release with Mental Guru, 1999. A full-on noise album with one side power electronics and one side improv skree from this Hobs offshoot. The actor who played Gripper Stebson got in touch to ask for a copy!
SRV 11 THE CERAMIC HOBS - *MAY BE TRIGGERING* - CD-R, 50 unnumbered copies, 2005. A compilation of 1987-1989 material which was later reissued on cassette in a much nicer package by Monopolka.
SRV 12 THE CERAMIC HOBS - Summer Hob Days - CD-R, 15 numbered copies, 2006 - partial reissue of SRC 1 - later reissued in incredible 3D sticker different packaging by the Monopolka label of St Petersburg.

Smith Research Vinyl, lathe-cut, CD and CD-R releases, 1996-1998

SRV 1 IRON LION ZION - Beat I Woman Fe Respeck - 7" lathe-cut polycarbonate record, co-release with Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, 1996 - 15 issued by them, just 5 numbered copies only for the Smith Research edition in folder package featuring material about Karen Morgan with magazine 'Turnip Flag 11'. Iron Lion Zion was initially a side project but this single was by the Ceramic Hobs in disguise. Both tracks are available on Pumf's 'Ultramont!' CD-R.
SRV 2 CERAMIC HOBS - 72 Hour Drink Binge - Alcopop Madness - 7" vinyl, co-release with Pumf, 1997 - 200 numbered copies. We spent a lot of time making this an interesting package and it got us attention from Mark Paytress at Record Collector who made it their single of the month. All tracks are on '20 Golden Deathtrips' (Pumf).
SRV 3 SMELL & QUIM/CERAMIC HOBS - split 8" lathe-cut polycarbonate record, co-release with Stinky Horse Fuck, 1998, 50 unnumbered copies. This sold out very quickly indeed. Tracks were re-released in slightly different forms on later S&Q and Hobs releases. The Hobs side marked the first appearance of our current lead guitarist Nigel Joseph.
SRV 4 YESMEANSNO - Live At The Tavistock Institute - 12" lathe-cut polycarbonate LP, 20 numbered copies, 1998, with satellite-trackable packaging. This was an absurdist side-project for the Ceramic Hobs, with fragments of joke songs and noise, packaged in stunning full colour handmade sleeve with inserts.
SRV 5 CERAMIC HOBS - Psychiatric Underground - CD, 100 copies in different packaging to main run, 1998, co-release with Landlord and Pumf - This was the first real Ceramic Hobs album, it finally sold out its pressing of 500 ten years later!
SRV 6 WAGSTAFF - WCD - CD-R, 23 numbered copies with used lottery tickets, 1998. Peculiar packaging on this selection of some of Joincey's best moments from his tape releases of the 90s.

Smith Research Cassettes, 1985-1986

SRC 1 THE CERAMIC HOBS - John There/Summer Hobdays, 1985, also came in different sleeve now lost. There was never a tracklist for these very first recordings by the Ceramic Hobs which was just myself and Steve Lambert at the time. The other side of the original cassette consisted of prank phone calls - you can hear an example of these on the Jara Discs CD 'It's Good To Talk' released in the mid-90s. The last track on this is an excellent recording of our first ever gig at Lytham Library Buildings on September 14th 1985 - we were joined by friends from school for this, none of whom could play or owned instruments. Some of this stuff makes me cringe (although we were only 16 at the time) but some of it is fairly inventive musique concrete with added absurdity.
SRC 2 THE CERAMIC HOBS - Merry Xmas Folks! Released perversely in January 1986, this was more of the same Phase One Hobs style including primitive sampling techniques and much absurdity.
SRC 3 'TELEPHONE TERRORISM' - lost. A full cassette of prank calls by 'the Turnip Brigade' (= Ceramic Hobs) with Charles Manson on the cover if my memory serves correctly.
SRC 4 THE BIZARRE WORLD OF JIMI EGG! A solo tape by me wich had a full side of short-wave and household noise with more diverse sampling and other styles on side 2. Came in an envelope.
SRC 6 IVOR EGG - Egg Of The Day - lost. Early Hobs associate Ivan H recorded a tape of bizarre solo material including untutored interpretations of Dire Straits and songs about politics. Never actually released to my knowledge.
SRC 7 THE CERAMIC HOBS - Swans Have Long Necks. Unpleasant sounding concept abum with ultra-primitive guitar and bass by Steve and myself. Included first ever version of The Stoat Rides Out which had a different original riff. Very few copies were released.
SRC 8 THE AGENTS OF PRAGUE, THE CERAMIC HOBS, OVERTURE IN A SEWER, AUTOPSIA - Moo Like A Baa-Lamb. More bass and guitar Hobs primitivism. Autopsia was Swell Maps style solo material by Phil C who later became an important Hob. Overture in a Sewer and the Agents of Prague were part of a group of computer geek friends who made inventive and unusual bedroom electronics material. This compilation received airplay from Radio Lancashire's 'On The Wire' show.
SRC 9 RITUAL MUSIC FOR THE INITIATES OF THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY AFTERBIRTH. A second Jimi Egg tape uncredited to any artist. Ultra-minimal and creepy repetition.
SRC 10 BERTIE EGG - Yes Sir Ted Moult - lost. I think the cover was made but the album was never recorded or released for this Lambert solo project.
SRC 11 THE METAL OVULATION RHYTHM BAND - The Most Boring Tape In The World. De facto Hobs Phase One in a more self-consciously avant-garde style, with field recordings and shortwave interspersing the basic instrumentation. The project was briefly revived in the late 90s.
SRC 12 BILLY FULWOOD'S AMAZING PERFORMING ANT BAND - Pleasure Beach Anarchy, 30th June 1986. Field recordings of The Laughing Man and the Derby Racer music, half-an-hour each side. A surreal release of which I am still very proud.
SRC 13 THE CERAMIC HOBS - Fishbread Miracle. This tape marked the start of 'Phase Two' of the Hobs (we're currently in Phase Eight) and a temporary hiatus for the Smith Research label. Steve L and myself were joined by some musicians who owned and could play instruments - Syd Green, Phil Crozier, Alan Pill, Andy Pearson - and these recordings resulted over two semi-improvised afternoons. We carried on for another two years after this and went on to make better recordings. Most of the 1987 stuff featured a drummer called Steve Bond, he was replaced in '88 by Steve Massey on drum machine. Some interesting overloaded live-to-cassette psych-noise appears on this first attempt.
SRC 2-13 all released 1986. All C60s except SRC 9 which was a C30. All tapes except 3, 6 and 10 reissued by Scum/Smithsonian Archives 1995. SRC 13 reissued on CD-R by Man Have Wank 2006.